HIS Priestess · The PRO 31 Woman


Thinking about what topic to write on, I decided to look for my journal. While sifting through old piles of books and boxes, wondering where I could have kept my journal, I then stumbled on this book. Dusty, yet unscathed. I exclaimed as I discovered what it was; “Oh!   It was my Junior Secondary… Continue reading Attraction

Her Empire · She-Tellect


I have had countless of 'aha' moments over the course of my life, too numerous to count.Some, I’ve had it while having my quiet time, others while talking to someone, or watching the television, taking a shower, using a restroom. I even had one while writing this post.An 'Aha' moment simply put is that moment in… Continue reading WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR ‘AHA’ MOMENT 

ShEtiquette · The Finishing School


Few years ago, I was privileged to be an instructor in a summer school program. There, I doubled as a School teacher as well as a School Counselor and Dance Instructor (guess you can say tripled).In all honesty, I could say I did fairly okay with those jobs. But I could have done better.Case in pointOn… Continue reading HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE 

Her Relationships · The Closet Sessions

What Has Compatibility Got To Do With It? – Pt 2

So what are the areas where you can test compatibility in relationships?1. Vision Are your visions aligned? Are you people seeing the same picture or different ones. Can two walk together except they agree?2. Spiritual This isn't necessarily about whether you attend the same church. It is more about how you view spiritual principles and truths e.g tithing, giving, sowing… Continue reading What Has Compatibility Got To Do With It? – Pt 2

HIS Priestess · The Gardener


Scene OneThursday Evening, 6.30pmMy bedroom My friend and I are on the bed. I'm eating while she is reading from her phone. Friend : So what really happens in the garden?Me: (take a pause, my spoon midway to my lips, with a perplexed gaze). "Pardon me?Friend : I asked, What happens in the garden?Me: (My face still a… Continue reading GARDENING 101