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I Miss Singlehood….. 

The car jerks up and down as we pass yet another bumper on the road. I passively notice these as all I can think of at the moment is the mouth watering meal at the back of the car. I could almost taste it as the oriental flavoured aroma coming from the food made its way into… Continue reading I Miss Singlehood….. 

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Procrastination : The “LATER” Syndrome Pt 2

Habits only stop being habits when you have persistently stopped practicing them So you have to exchange the habit of procrastination with other habits 1. Take Responsibility  Be honest with yourself. You are responsible for your procrastination. No one else. It's time to take a stand.  No more excuses.  Take full responsibility for your life,… Continue reading Procrastination : The “LATER” Syndrome Pt 2