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What Has Compatibility Got To Do With It? – Pt 2

So what are the areas where you can test compatibility in relationships?1. Vision Are your visions aligned? Are you people seeing the same picture or different ones. Can two walk together except they agree?2. Spiritual This isn't necessarily about whether you attend the same church. It is more about how you view spiritual principles and truths e.g tithing, giving, sowing… Continue reading What Has Compatibility Got To Do With It? – Pt 2

HIS Priestess · The Gardener


Scene OneThursday Evening, 6.30pmMy bedroom My friend and I are on the bed. I'm eating while she is reading from her phone. Friend : So what really happens in the garden?Me: (take a pause, my spoon midway to my lips, with a perplexed gaze). "Pardon me?Friend : I asked, What happens in the garden?Me: (My face still a… Continue reading GARDENING 101