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100 Days As A New Mom : The 7 Things I Learnt 

Yesterday marked my 100th day as a first-time mother. Wow! Me, a mother? Who would have thought?How time flies.I know raising a kid no matter the age isn't easy. But personally, I think raising babies or toddlers is the most difficult. First, they are tiny humans who cannot communicate their thoughts or desires in a comprehensible language to adults-at… Continue reading 100 Days As A New Mom : The 7 Things I Learnt 

MotherLand · The Mommy Steps Chronicles

I Miss Singlehood….. 

The car jerks up and down as we pass yet another bumper on the road. I passively notice these as all I can think of at the moment is the mouth watering meal at the back of the car. I could almost taste it as the oriental flavoured aroma coming from the food made its way into… Continue reading I Miss Singlehood….. 

MotherLand · The Mommy Steps Chronicles

In The Beginning 

 I step out of the car, the scotching glare of the early morning sun hits my eyes."I should have packed my sunglasses today”, I thought to myself.Then I remember I no longer have sunglasses, thanks to my cousin’s kids."I will need a new one” I said before this sun fries me to crisps.With the bank’s… Continue reading In The Beginning 

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MULTITASKING : Myth or Fact?

On Saturday morning, after I had finished my baby morning chores and put her to sleep, in the continued spirit of ‘no more procrastination’, I brought out my pen and journal and listed my June tasks, after which I was dumbfounded.So many things to do, all at the same time!Taking care of a baby, doing… Continue reading MULTITASKING : Myth or Fact?