HIS Priestess · The PRO 31 Woman


Thinking about what topic to write on, I decided to look for my journal. While sifting through old piles of books and boxes, wondering where I could have kept my journal, I then stumbled on this book. Dusty, yet unscathed. I exclaimed as I discovered what it was; “Oh!   It was my Junior Secondary… Continue reading Attraction

ShEtiquette · The Finishing School


Few years ago, I was privileged to be an instructor in a summer school program. There, I doubled as a School teacher as well as a School Counselor and Dance Instructor (guess you can say tripled).In all honesty, I could say I did fairly okay with those jobs. But I could have done better.Case in pointOn… Continue reading HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE 

The F.A.B (Fit And Beautiful) Lifestyle

Body Language Pt 2

I will be sharing  a few habits I feel are simple yet very effective, and believe me, they helped my get that ‘dream body’ to fit into my wedding dress before my D-day.    1. Cut that craving! Anyone who knows me personally can testify that I love my sodas especially Coca Cola.  I could… Continue reading Body Language Pt 2

The F.A.B (Fit And Beautiful) Lifestyle

Body Language Pt 1

I think my mirror has it in for me. If it didn't, why was it showing me "love-handles" poking out of my waist? I thought I had gotten rid of them. I had first noticed them months before my wedding. Like the cliché bride-to-be, I wanted to 'slay' in my wedding dress. I surfed the internet, looking for a solution… Continue reading Body Language Pt 1