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Body Language Pt 2

I will be sharing  a few habits I feel are simple yet very effective, and believe me, they helped my get that ‘dream body’ to fit into my wedding dress before my D-day.    1. Cut that craving! Anyone who knows me personally can testify that I love my sodas especially Coca Cola.  I could… Continue reading Body Language Pt 2

HIS Priestess · The Gardener


Scene OneThursday Evening, 6.30pmMy bedroom My friend and I are on the bed. I'm eating while she is reading from her phone. Friend : So what really happens in the garden?Me: (take a pause, my spoon midway to my lips, with a perplexed gaze). "Pardon me?Friend : I asked, What happens in the garden?Me: (My face still a… Continue reading GARDENING 101