HIS Priestess · The PRO 31 Woman


Thinking about what topic to write on, I decided to look for my journal. While sifting through old piles of books and boxes, wondering where I could have kept my journal, I then stumbled on this book. Dusty, yet unscathed. I exclaimed as I discovered what it was; “Oh!   It was my Junior Secondary… Continue reading Attraction

HIS Priestess · The Gardener


Scene OneThursday Evening, 6.30pmMy bedroom My friend and I are on the bed. I'm eating while she is reading from her phone. Friend : So what really happens in the garden?Me: (take a pause, my spoon midway to my lips, with a perplexed gaze). "Pardon me?Friend : I asked, What happens in the garden?Me: (My face still a… Continue reading GARDENING 101

HIS Priestess

I bid Thee Welcome!!!

  I remember the first time I came across the above verse. It was in my 3rd year as an undergraduate. I had attended a women’s conference organized by my church. During one of the sessions for the singles, the speaker directed us to this passage. She then went on to explain to us that… Continue reading I bid Thee Welcome!!!