HIS Priestess · The PRO 31 Woman


Thinking about what topic to write on, I decided to look for my journal.

While sifting through old piles of books and boxes, wondering where I could have kept my journal, I then stumbled on this book.

Dusty, yet unscathed.

I exclaimed as I discovered what it was; “Oh!   It was my Junior Secondary School ‘Slum Book’**
Wow, so many memories.

While glancing through a few pages of the book, I got caught up, reading the stories in it, that I forgot I was searching for my journal.

The stories brought back so many fond memories, so much that I kept grinning and laughing like a child.

“Wow! So much has indeed changed.” I thought, as I kept reading the stories.

Then I stumbled on the profile page of one of my huge crushes, back in high school.

To show how much I crushed on him, I couldn’t hold back the giggles and blushes, even though I hadn’t even started reading his page.

I quickly jumped to his response to one of my questions “Who do you admire and why?”

He responded, “I admire Kemi, because she is not only beautiful, but also smart, neat and God fearing”

Ehhh?! I exclaimed with my lips wide open.

Already more than half of friends had acknowledged their admiration for Kemi in my slum book.

It made me wonder, as I reclined, to flash back on our ol’ high school days.

In secondary school, Nedu (my crush) and supposedly, an average kid, liked Kemi so much that everyone noticed.

My friends who knew I crushed on him would call Kemi, Nedu’s wife, to my face, just to torment me.

So I decided to do some investigative ‘FBI’  job on Kemi.

There I discovered there was something so different about her.

I remembered asking some of her friends, and even Nedu’s friends, questions about her, and they always said positive things about her.

I began noting down my findings on reports about Kemi and why she was loved by almost everyone in my class.

I found out the following.
She was soft-spoken and always calm.

She was gentle, and never seemed in a hurry.  She always answered questions in class and never skipped library hours, something I always skipped.

She was the ‘perfect lady’.

In fact, what baffled me the most was how she could keep her socks neat even till the end of extras school lessons, and mine never even made it pass break time, without getting muddy or dirty.

Having discovered these qualities about what made Kemi tick, I resolved to pick on some of her methods in hopes that Nedu will notice me too and possibly like me like he did Kemi.

I began studying more in order to answer questions in class like Kemi did.

I began keeping myself cleaner than before, dressing well, and of course had a change of socks too.

I discovered this new leaf was paying off so much that I started getting a lot of attention from people, who I had never thought would interact with me in school.

I began attracting better friends, and hanging out with more intelligent minds.

My reputation grew fast as people looked up to me for guidance academic wise and as a role model and life coach sorta.

It got me even more focused that I forgot about my so-called crush Nedu.
He was the least of my priorities then, (although I still crushed on him occasionally).

Post flashback and five years since high school, I wondered; “Do I still attract the right people?”
Well that’s a thought for another moment.

However, the question I want to pose to you gardeners here now is this: “What/ Who do you attract?”

The law of attraction states that opposites attract right?

Well that is true but not completely valid because attraction in reality is beyond just the physical.

Good values, character and beauty don’t attract the opposite all the time (even though beauty attracted the beast).

The scripture admonishes that BAD corrupts GOOD (1 Cor 15:33).

So opposites don’t attract after all.

A diligent man attracts kings and not mere men (Prov 22:29).

What I am trying to say in essence is that like attracts like, good attracts good and bad attracts bad.

You can’t find a pig in a clean environment. That’s not what’s attractive to him.

You can’t find darkness where there is light.

You can find a mad man in a refuse dump.

You can find a bee where there are flowers and so on.

Everything has its attraction.

What you don’t let in can’t come in.

I noticed it was when I started acting refined that I attracted the right people.

Therefore, be who you want to attract, because success has lots of friends.

You can’t plant a mango and expect paw-paw when harvesting.

When the bible stated ” whatever you sow, you reap (Gal 6 : 7), He was referring to the law of attraction, being like begets like.

You can’t be praying for a godly man with all the heavenly qualities when you are the opposite.

While reading my slum book, I noticed that although Kemi had attracted lots of people because of her lovable character, she was only friends with a few.

Why? Because she didn’t only attract the good ones but also the not-so-good ones too.

In as much good attracts good, there is always this contention, that even the bad spots the good and goes for it, hence my earlier premise.

Let’s bring it home a bit. A lot of people believe attraction only comes from our outward appearance, hence the new wave of #slayqueens and #slaykings.

Hey ladies! Attraction doesn’t have to do with your outward beauty alone.

Far from it.

Your inward beauty attracts the right things too.

A lady’s adornment is not only outward but spiritual also. (1 Pet 3:3).

Such woman is not obsessed with carnal attractiveness.

She does not prize what the Proverbist calls “passing beauty” (Prov. 31:30).

Rather, she esteems “the beauty of holiness” (Psalm. 29:2).

Her beauty is that of “the hidden person of the heart.”

She has “the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.”

Peter says that such a beauty is “very precious in the sight of God.”

It should also be precious to us.

What I am trying to say is having the right kind of “scent” makes you beautiful.

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

She is the godly woman who is living her life by the word of God and not by the worldly standard!

However, to be able to attract the right things of this world, you have to first be attracted to God.

That is the ultimate and purest attraction.!!

To be continued..

*A Slum/Slam book is a notebook which is common amongst teenagers. The keeper of the book starts by posing a question (which may be on any subject) and the book is then passed round for each contributor to fill in their own answer to the question


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