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I have had countless of 'aha' moments over the course of my life, too numerous to count.

Some, I’ve had it while having my quiet time, others while talking to someone, or watching the television, taking a shower, using a restroom. 

I even had one while writing this post.

An 'Aha' moment simply put is that moment in time when an idea, understanding, revelation or discovery hits you. 

It's like the proverbial Eureka moment.

What makes it 'aha' is that the moment or idea may look and feel mind-blowingly extraordinary that you begin to wonder how come you have never thought of it the way you did, or why nobody had thought of it the way you did. 

In addition, it is accompanied by a surge of the feel-good hormone, dopamine, causing one to feel pleasure and excitement  

However having an 'aha' moment is worth nothing in the bank if you don't do something with or about it.

You could be taking a shower and an idea crosses your mind

You then 'store' it up somewhere in your brain and continue what you are doing 

I think 99% of the time I did this 'think-and-store-for-later' method, I lost the idea soon after that 

Ideas are very fickle and volatile 

Some people believe that there are billion ideas hovering above us in the realm of the spirit, waiting for someone to just 'pluck' them and do something with them 

When an idea comes and you don't immediately do something about it, it hovers around for sometime then immediately moves on to the next person 

I guess that's why sometimes you hear someone did something fantastic and you think to yourself, hey I thought about that first.

So what exactly do you do with an idea when it comes?


Take some time and dwell on that idea irrespective of where you are

Having an idea isn't the same as thinking about it

Put it through a thought process

Do some brainstorming 

Ponder on it

Expand it

Develop it

Add 'flesh' to it. 

Explore it

Simplify it

When you think on an your idea, it begins to make more sense to you and helps you process it further into something more tangible 


Write it down!

Write it down!!

Write it down!!!

Don't 'store' it up for later

Once it comes, put it down immediately

I once heard from a very wise man that God gave us the brain for imagination and not for storage.

There is a limit to what your brain can store for you 

It stores things in your long term memory based on how important it is to you 

And it assesses this importance based on repetition (i.e how often you have tried storing up that particular piece of information)

So you see, it is important to write it down as soon as possible before your brain disposes of it

Ever since I became serious with blogging, I always carry a mini journal (and pen, of course) where I pen down thoughts and ideas 

Another reason why you should pen it down is incase you forget about it, when you open your journal, it's a visual reminder to you to get to work 

"Write the vision down and make it plain that he may run who reads it" –

             HABBAKUK 2:2


How can my idea meet a need?

How can it solve a problem?

How can it change the world?

How can it help me create something for people to use?

In what way can I package it to impact lives?

How would it bless lives?

These and more are ways to add value to your idea


Work your idea

Execute it

Act on it 

It's not just enough to have awesome ideas

Success comes when you execute and put them into action

Break your plans down into simple daily action steps and start doing them

Remember, the victory is in the doing 

Despite what you or anyone may think, your ideas are of immense value and can change your life and the lives of others around you 

Embrace them

Then get to work!!!

"Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.

           - Mark Zuckerberg  


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