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Body Language Pt 2

I will be sharing  a few habits I feel are simple yet very effective, and believe me, they helped my get that ‘dream body’ to fit into my wedding dress before my D-day. 


1. Cut that craving!
Anyone who knows me personally can testify that I love my sodas especially Coca Cola. 

I could consume up to 3 bottles of 50cl in a day (yeah you can scream in shock too…I did while writing this). 

I couldn’t stay a day without taking a bottle. 

The feeling of wriggling cola soda in my mouth was unexplainable. 

It was my own high. 

However, I saw my waist line expanding like a 4 months pregnant woman, and I wasn’t even married yet. 

But then, due to the stress of wedding planning, I seldomly took Coca Cola, and noticed a remarkable change in my waist so much so, I decided to stop totally as I saw my “dream body” was almost within reach. 

But then, I almost regretted that decision. 

The struggle was real, sisters. 

It was like having withdrawal symptoms for Coca Cola! 

I badly wanted it but then, I had to choose; sexy body or satisfied craving. 

A study was made which showed that continued intake of soda led to increase in belly fat (here)

Since life has no vacuum, I had to replace my urge with something else.

I call it my Fruity-SweetToothy-Muffin-Blaster (lol). 

Peep the recipe below

My healthy alternative to soda
Whenever I felt the urge for Coke, I just took a sip! 
It might take some getting used to but trust me it would be worth it in the end.

Few things to note

a. Don’t use all the different types of fruits at once. Use one type of fruit per day.

b. Always remember to discard the fruits after 24 hours

2. Exercise!

I am not an exercise expert or weight loss professional, neither do I know the right exercises to do for right body parts, let alone recommend. 

However, I found this one exercise effective for achieving my weight loss goals. 

It is easy to do and you can do it anywhere in the comfort of your home. 

They are squats! I am sure you know what they are. 

Credit :

Squats are a great form of exercise that have multiple purposes. 

They don’t only help you get the perfect “glutes”, they also engage the core muscles of the body like the abdomen (giving you a tighter, flatter abdomen) and back (stronger lower back).

Although they are not cardio-exercises, they however burn quite a number of calories enabling you achieve your goal weight. 

Back then, a few months to my wedding, I would do 30 reps of 3 sets of squats, 3-5 days a week, before my morning and evening shower and I saw significant results within a short time.
Always remember to start small, then increase as you develop tolerance e.g. I started with 20 reps (serious amateur level), then increased gradually till I got to a tolerable level.

I guess I will have to resume these formula again as I have back-slided. 

I went back to my old addictions, after my delivery. 

No wonder love handles and widening waist came visiting. 

I challenge you to try these too with me and let me know how it goes. 

I will be giving you more updates on mine too!


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