The F.A.B (Fit And Beautiful) Lifestyle

Body Language Pt 1

I think my mirror has it in for me. 

If it didn't, why was it showing me "love-handles" poking out of my waist? 

I thought I had gotten rid of them. 

I had first noticed them months before my wedding. 

Like the cliché bride-to-be, I wanted to 'slay' in my wedding dress. 

I surfed the internet, looking for a solution I tried a whole lot of things yet the fat stuck to me like glue.

Until I found a simple formula that worked. 
I lost about 2-3 inches off my waist line and my belly became flat. 

I kept practicing that prescription, even after the wedding and during pregnancy and it worked for me…till I stopped. 

Now looking at my waist, I believe it's time to start again.

I know what you might be thinking. 
I'm not advertising any wonder pill or drug or any fat diet; neither am I promoting another person’s weight loss propaganda.

I'm just sharing an easy method I applied that helped me lose weight, especially around my tummy and around my waist. 

It may be something you may have already heard a million times on weight watchers blogs or other lifestyle programs.

Let me first say, I love food (at least most food we have here). 

I also have food cravings especially for sugary pops and all those “unhealthy” food, as we term them. 

Hence I had problems with some weight loss programs that wanted to take this away from me, including those that wanted to replace my favorite meals with bland dishes and food choices that were not readily accessible. 

I guess then I wasn't emotionally ready to abandon my food cravings 

Ok back to my point. 

I am sure we have heard this statement “Achieving fitness is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle".

We must have heard it from weight loss professionals, lifestyle bloggers, as well as health care professionals. 

We know what is healthy to eat and what is not by now; we feel the guilt sometimes when we eat those “unhealthy” cravings. 

We even get the audacity to give excuse for indulging too. 

Like we’d say, “it's only for this week, next week I will stop”, “I am hungry, should I starve myself”, “I am depressed, so I stress eat”, or “I will work it out in the gym". 

Then we  see ourselves in the same cycle again and before we know it, comes those unsexy love handles we hate, yet we love the “unhealthy” foods that bring them. 

I am saying your mind, right?
Yeah, we have all been there. 

I remember a powerful statement my Husband made to me earlier on in our relationship, during one of our many discussions. 

He said, “Habits are best exchanged than changed, as there is no vacuum in life” …meaning in order to break a habit, you have to replace it with another one. 

This is called The Law Of Exchange

We can relate with this statement as we can testify that most times, those habits we try to change prove difficult. 

It’s like breaking up with your perfect boyfriend, girlfriend or lover. 

You have this strong attachment to it(them). 

Yeah, it feels that way for me too at times, hence I resolved the best way to drop those “unhealthy” habits I love, was to replace it with another variant I like as well. 

Hence, I started inculcating new habits to replace the ones. 

What habits?

To be continued……………

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